Learning to Live in the Middle

Letting Go of Either/Or and Saying Goodbye to the Anxiety That Comes With It As we prepare to move into 2019, a lot of us are thinking about what we want next year to look like. We’re goal planning, making New Year’s Resolutions, and thinking about things we can do to be happier or make our lives better in some...[ read more ]

Seeking Counseling when Co-Parenting with an Abusive Ex

How Counseling Can Help You Navigate the Difficulties of Co-Parenting with an Ex who is Abusive or Narcissistic Deciding to end an abusive relationship is a difficult and scary step, one that is made even harder when there are children involved.  Instead of things getting better right away, the abuse can escalate and the children can become tools for the...[ read more ]

Co-Parenting with an Abusive Ex

How to Navigate the Difficulties of Co-Parenting with an Ex who is Abusive or Narcissistic A few weeks ago, I was asked to participate as a part of a panel-led discussion for an event called “Women and New Beginnings” which was hosted by Eronn Putman of The Putman Firm in Houston.  The event would highlight the legal, mental health, and real-life perspectives...[ read more ]

Why Perfectionism Might Be Keeping You Stuck

When Perfectionism Isn't A Good Thing So in the past, I've heard people refer to perfectionism and associate it with things like “excellent work ethic,” “goal-driven,” and “someone who is dependable, reliable, and will get the job done right.”  Brene Brown, who is one of my favorites (if you don’t know who she is, go check her out - and BONUS,...[ read more ]

Slowing Down: How Taking My Time Helped Me Change My Whole Day

The other day, I had the opportunity to do something that doesn’t happen very often… I had the opportunity to slow down.    It was a rare weekday when I didn’t have to be anywhere first thing in the morning. No alarm to set. No rushing from the bed directly into the shower where I normally try to mentally prepare...[ read more ]

Adverse Childhood Experiences: What are they and how are they linked to my health as an adult?

Exploring the Relationship between Childhood Trauma and Public Health   Most of us experience some sort of stress as a child. Many times we’re pushed to keep our grades up, to participate in ALL of the extracurriculars, and we struggle to make friends and fit in, all while trying to figure out who the heck we are. Some of that...[ read more ]

Another School Shooting: What to Do if Your (or any) Child Tells You They’re Scared.

St. Johns, MI.  Seattle, WA.  Denison, TX.  Sierra Vista, AZ.  San Bernardino, CA.  Marshall, TX.  Winston-Salem, NC.  Italy, TX.  Gentilly, LA.  Benton, KY.  Mobile, AL.  Dearborn, MI.  Philadelphia, PA.  Los Angeles, CA.  Oxon Hill, MD.  Maplewood, MN.  New York, NY.  Parkland, FL.   Each city represents a school shooting that has occurred in the first 45 days of 2018. This...[ read more ]

6 Things to Look for in Unhealthy Relationships

Hi folks! A few weeks ago, I wrote about six things to look for in healthy relationships . This week, I thought it might be helpful to take a look at common traits that may be present in unhealthy relationships. If you’ve been wondering whether a certain relationship is good for you or if it is really what you want it...[ read more ]

You mean Happiness isn’t free?!

How often have you seen this floating around Facebook?  Well, it’s sort of perfect timing, because I’ve had a conversation about creating our own happiness with several clients recently.  “I just want to be happy!” I can’t tell you how many times I hear this.  When I reply with something like, “Well, what have you done lately to help you...[ read more ]

Fight, Flight, or… Freeze?

Most people have heard of "fight-or-flight," which takes place when someone perceives that they are in imminent danger. But have you heard of the "freeze" part? This happens when your body decides that it's not safe to fight back or to try and run away, and it feels like you become physically and mentally paralyzed. Afterwards, people might look back...[ read more ]

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