Many of the treatments currently used to treat PTSD are exposure-based, meaning that you expose yourself to the memories of what happened to you.  These are great for some people, but not everyone finds them beneficial, which is why I offer CPT for PTSD.  Cognitive Processing Therapy is a non-exposure based treatment that is effective in treating PTSD symptoms related to domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood abuse, combat, and more.

CPT focuses on your interpretations of what happened to you, and what you think you have to do to keep yourself safe going forward.  We’ll identify your stuck points – i.e., what is keeping you feeling stuck, and what’s stopping your recovery process. From there, I’ll try to poke holes in your stuck points, so that you can begin to re-form newer, more realistic interpretations of what happened to you and what “staying safe” means going forward.  By changing your thoughts, we can change your feelings, and you can begin to live life without fear and having to always look over your shoulder. You’ll learn that you can begin to trust yourself and others again, thereby feeling a lot less alone in this world.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I deserve what happened to me,” or “It’s my fault I got hurt,” and you find that these thoughts hold you back from living your best life, then CPT may be helpful in getting you unstuck.  Give me a call, and let’s explore what life could look like on the other side.

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