Therapy for Anxiety in Clear Lake (Houston, TX)

Anxious. Worried. Nervous. On edge. Tense.

If you’ve ever felt a little nervous or scared before something big, like a test or a job interview, then you’ve probably experienced some degree of anxiety.  Maybe you had sweaty palms, your heart beat a little faster than normal, and you had some butterflies going on in the tummy area. The good news is that this kind of anxiety is normal, and even healthy to some extent.  It helps prepare and motivate us to try and do well and get through certain types of stressful situations. Usually, once that big event is over and done with, so is the anxiety, and life goes back to normal.

For some people, though, that anxiety tends to hang around like a co-worker who keeps rambling on and on because they can’t get the hint that you just want to be left alone.

For some people, anxiety looks a lot like this:

You wake up from a terrible night’s sleep with a pit in your stomach, and the racing thoughts are out of the gate before your feet even hit the floor.  It’s feels paralyzing, and sometimes it holds you back from being able to get through the day.  You miss work or school, or cancel plans that you had with your friends because the thought of facing everyone or the fear of having a panic attack in public is just too overwhelming.  On the days that you’re able to make it in and show up, you can’t even focus on what you’re trying to do… you’re tired, on edge, and maybe even on the brink of tears.  The nerves are too much.

Maybe this is a new feeling for you, or maybe it feels normal, because you’ve been dealing with it for awhile now. Although it might feel hopeless and like there’s no way to climb out of this rabbit hole, counseling can be a lifeline back to normalcy.  Together, we can figure out where your anxiety started, what your triggers are, and help you figure out how to get it under control.  There will always be things that cause stress in your life, but we can help you figure out how to manage it in a healthier way so that your life isn’t constantly being interrupted by the anxiety and stress of it all.

If you’d like to talk more about what’s been causing you anxiety and how I might be able to help you find your balance, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Free Consultation button to schedule your free 25-minute phone consultation today.

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